About Mary

Mary North Phillips, creator of Posh Pockets, works out of her Seacoast New Hampshire studio designing and creating elegant collections of handbags, in a variety of styles, to suit all tastes.

New Styles and Stores!

Posh Pockets has been refreshed online and includes several new styles added to your favorites, and several wonderful new stores. Check out the Port (below) and Cove styles, new for this spring/summer seasons. Details available on the website. Two new stores are full of Posh Pockets bags to temp you: Backyard Birds & Garden Frills in York, ME and The Cranberry Bog in North Hampton, NH. They will be refilled for the holiday season as well so scoop them up before they are gone!


‘Tis the Season


Here at the studio, Christmas orders just keep coming in, and it seems I’m at my sewing machine round the clock.

It’s not too late, however, to get in your order. My deadline for taking Christmas orders is December 13, 2013, so be sure to contact me with your requests and I’ll be in touch to get all the details.

Happy Holidays to all!